What's Halloween without some festive decorations? While we're all busy buying candy and getting our costumes ready to go trick or treating with the family or going out to a party, this holiday wouldn't be complete without a few do-it-yourself projects. 

Instead of throwing away those used K-Cups, use them for you Halloween decorations! We've picked a few brew inspired projects that can be made using items you've got around the house. These crafts are simple to make and don't require a lot of time. In fact, you can even get the kids together and get them involved!

Turn those old K-Cups into a set of lights! Once you clean them out, put some scary faces on them and punch a hole through the top of them in order to fit a mini light through. These lights are perfect for impressing those trick or treaters for Halloween! (For a step by step guide, check out this post)

If you're a Frankenstein fan, you'll love this project! All it takes is some green and black paint, some googly eyes and and some pipe cleaners and you'll have a scary decoration! (For the full list of materials and instructions, visit this site)


Want to brighten your home with some spooky ghosts? Get a few empty K-Cups and draw some faces on them using a permanent marker! For added effect, put them over an LED light and let them light up your home.

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