Back in 1900, George Monin was entertaining guests in France when his brother-in-law requested an after dinner drink. Monin was disappointed with the limited selection and quality of cordials available to him and from that day forward, Monin embarked on a journey to create the perfect cordial. He experimented for years in his own kitchen and after much trial and error, he created a cordial better than he had ever expected! And Monin was born. 

These days, Monin is producing everything from syrups to gourmet coffee flavourings. We have the perfect gift pack for the latte lover on your list! Turn any coffee into a delicious flavoured treat, just by adding Monin gourmet coffee flavourings. And it doesn't have to stop at coffee; you can add it to milkshakes or cocktails too. Spice up your drinks this holiday season with Monin.