We've said it once, we'll say it again, Brew Ville is more than just your one-stop coffee shop. Not only do we carry over 700 varieties of coffee but we also carry items to make your life a little bit easier, more enjoyable and for the most part a little bit healthier. We have picked our top five items from Brew Ville to treat your body right this May, because after all, summer is coming and you want to feel good about yourself while sippin' that cup of iced joe on the patio.  

It says it all in the name! Yogi Green tea will help you slim down and stay energized! 

The Salad and Aqua Zinger will change your life this summer! It's never been easier to eat healthy and drink delicious, infused water. And then of course the Vodka Zinger because we can't be healthy allllll the time!

Chimes ginger chews are all natural and great if you are craving something sweet. The touch of ginger eases the guilt and turns this into a healthy-ish snack!

Match Green Tea on the go. Need I say more?

Ice Chips come in a ton of flavours and are beneficial for your canines!