Who can resist a delicious Hot Toddy? Whether you're celebrating an event or you just want to unwind, this popular mixed drink has been a hit with everyone. Besides being a drink associated with good times, Hot Toddies also have health benefits: the boiling water coupled with the honey, herbs, spices, and alcohol does help with runny noses and sore throats. If you would rather have a Hot Toddy on the go, you'll love one of our newest brews from Booze Brews!   

Instead of making a Hot Toddy using ingredients you might not have at home, you can now conveniently make a drink using your brewer. To make one of these Booze Brews, all you have to do is brew a cup and add in a splash of whiskey for the ultimate celebratory drink. Although whiskey is recommended, feel free to experiment with your favourite spirit and create a drink with a unique spin.

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