Halloween Apples and Potable Pumpkins!

Halloween is just around the corner and our wheels are turning with tasty 'treat' beverage ideas to go with all the 'tricks' of the season. Let's face it, it's chilly out there! With our little trick-or-treaters in mind we give you: PUMPKIN APPLE CIDER! 

Caffeine-free, made with real apples and mildly spiced to perfection, this hot Halloween sipper will keep the kids toasty as they tromp around the neighbourhoods of Edmonton.

Apples You'll Wanna Bob For

For the grown-up guys and ghouls, try this drink with some spiced rum, cognac or whatever your spirit of choice is - the warm spice of the apple and pumpkin makes for the perfect evening warm up. You don't even need to leave your house to collect your treat!

Wishing everyone a safe and fun Halloween weekend. Stop by Brew Ville to stock up on the latest single serve ciders and syrups to customize.