Who wants to take a trip to Granville Island? From the entertainment to the tourism, this former hub for manufacturing has reinvented itself over the years to become one of the most popular attractions in British Columbia.  

Like many of the others shops and restaurants in the area, Granville Island Coffee Company strives to make every coffee as authentic to the area as possible. That means using only the best free trade certified organic coffee available. In fact, they love Vancouver so much that they've named their blends after the city's main attractions. Today, we've got 4 new coffees for you to check out, each of which offer a unique taste that'll have you craving for more. 

French Roast coffee lovers take note: The Lions Gate Bridge blend offers a bold, fully flavoured brew that contains hints of smoke and caramel. Made using beans from the mountain ranges in Peru, this coffee is guaranteed to make your morning a bit more bearable than before.   

How would you like to stroll through Stanley Park? Sharing a name with Vancouver's oldest and largest park might sound like a tall order, but this coffee definitely delivers. The Stanley Park coffee brings the best beans from Peru and Guatemala and is packed with sweet, fruity flavours.

This next brew might not be named after a Vancouver landmark, but that doesn't mean it should be ignored. Granville Island's Signature brew is made from beans located in the Chanchamayo Valley in Peru. If you consider yourself to be a coffee connoisseur, you'll love the delectable taste and wonderful aroma that comes from this brew. 

Last but certainly not least, we have to acknowledge The West Coast Blend, Granville Island's tribute to their home. Every sip of this beautiful medium roasted coffee will bring you that much closer to Vancouver.  

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