Kienna Roasters has a wide range of full bodied and flavourful coffee pods for your enjoyment. This Calgary based company has been roasting quality coffee since 1999.  As a family based business, they have been successful in creating quality coffee beans as well as single serve options.

One of their most notable brews, Black Dragon Coffee, is a line of signature drinks that are rich and aromatic. Whether you choose their light, medium, or dark roasts, you're practically guaranteed a tasty brew with each and every sip you take. Besides those brews, Black Dragon Coffee also has flavoured bends that are equally delicious. 

Vanilla and coffee are a match made in heaven. Black Dragon’s exquisite French Vanilla is a light medium roast coffee you can savour at any time of the day.  If you prefer the rich and creamy taste of butter mixed with rum, try the light medium roasted richness of Black Dragon’s Butter Rum blend.  

For a great medium roast coffee, the Komodo Dragon Blend is a sure bet.  With a strong combination of flavours which add body to this brew, we're pretty confident that this will be your go to brew.

If you prefer a medium to dark roast coffee, try the Mountain Dragon Blend. You will be satisfied with the rich body, tantalizing aroma and low acidity this blend offers. Black Dragon’s Fire Roasted Blend offers an exceptional smooth dark roast coffee for your enjoyment.  If you love a bold aftertaste, this is the brew for you.

Kienna Roasters commitment to quality and taste creates a winning combination.  Supporting an Alberta business is an added bonus when choosing any of their products. To see more of our selection and hear about our exclusive online sales, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter today!