Iced and Delicious

Barrie House master blenders are experts in coffee bean selection and tasting. Known as “Cuppers”, each expert contributes to the coffee product lineup which ensures that each coffee blend is perfectly balanced in flavour and aroma.

Each K-cup contains the finest selection of coffees from around the world. This dedication to quality is evident as Barrie House has achieved the prestigious SCAA Gold Cup Award for coffee excellence.  


Try some of their flavoured blends; hot or cold, you are sure to be inspired by the richness of the flavours.  Salted Caramel, Ultimate Hazelnut, Irish Cream and French Vanilla are a few of the choices you will want to try.  If you prefer the creaminess of lattes, try Decadent Mocha Latte or for a change of pace, Spiced Chai Latte.  Barrie Coffee also offers delicious hot chocolate blends such as Milk Chocolate or Salted Caramel.  

In hot summer weather you may want to experiment with a cooler version of your favourite brew. Making iced coffee or iced hot chocolate with K-cups is simple!


  • Fill a plastic cup with ice - don’t use glass as it may crack

  • Choose your favourite flavor

  • Brew on the lowest setting on your machine - you want it as strong as possible

  • Add cream or sweetener, or drink as is

Whether you prefer coffee, lattes, chai or hot chocolate, enjoying your favourite drink over ice is a delicious alternative.

Swing by Brew Ville for a single to go Barrie Coffee or fill your basket with a variety. We are all about options and flavours! Mix and match to find your blend.