In light of this day of love, we've created 4 of our favourite pairings of Torani sodas. Some things are just better together; share these simple soda recipes with your loved ones. Valentine's is the perfect excuse to treat yourself and your loved ones to the sweeter things in life. 

Watermelon and Raspberry

This fruity duo is sure to delight! Fresh watermelon and fruity raspberry are a match made in heaven.

Pour Torani syrup over ice and top with sparkling water or your favourite soda!

Raspberry and White Chocolate

Try the sugar free version of Torani raspberry syrup topped up with the delicious flavour of white chocolate. Blend with ice cream, add to coffee or spruce up a soda!

Hazelnut and French Vanilla

Not the fruity type? Sip on this perfect blend of classic hazelnut and french vanilla, two of our favourite flavour additions to coffee!

Ruby Red Grapefruit and Cherry Lime

Get ready to pucker with the bright and tart blend of sugar free cherry lime and ruby red grapefruit!

We keep Torani syrups on hand all year round, so swing by and pick out your favourites to start experimenting with your own creations.

Happy Valentine's Day from Brew Ville!