Summer officially started last Saturday, June 21st with the longest day of the year! The day saw a high of 21 and just about 17 hours of sun! With all that sun, what better way to spend a summer evening than sipping on a great summer time drink like our Twinings Iced Tea. The two refreshing flavours are Pomegranate Raspberry Iced Tea:

Pure Black Iced Tea:

So take a break from your daily routine, enjoy the sun, and brew up a batch of some delicious iced tea.

For an even better stress reliever, Twinings Iced Tea is the perfect base for some Summer Sangria. Grab a pitcher, brew about 6 teabags, add a cheap pinot noir, a fruity brandy, your choice of chopped fruits, and some ice! Easy, delicious, and refreshing. Summer starts now!

Note: we will be closed Friday, June 27th, 2014. Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone. We will be open again at 10am Saturday. Just in time for you to come in for your Sangria base!