We are always exceptionally floored, blown-away, pleased, delighted and humbled at the response and love we get from our customers both in and out of the store. That is why on July 26th, which also happened to be our one year anniversary, we threw a party for all our loyal customers who have seen our little store grow for the past year. We had a number of door prizes: a Keurig Mini Brewer, 10 Sun Cafe Brewers, an Aqua Zinger and a Zitrus Zinger. On top of that, everything in the store was 10% off. It was a great turn out and we can't thank you guys enough for not only coming down this Saturday, but thank you if you've ever stepped foot in our store.

We hope to see you many more times over the next year! Here are some pics of our door prize set up and the first winner we had of the day!