One of the biggest complaints about k-cups is the added waste to a planet that is already filled with unnecessary waste. That is why we found this great list of ways you can reuse your used K-Cups. If you want to go a step even further, we do carry reusable stainless steel pods that are dishwasher friendly and you never have to throw out. Keurig brewers make it easier to get coffeehouse quality coffee in the comfort of your own home. These coffee and tea brewers use individual K-cups filled with coffee to brew one drink at a time, giving you the freedom to make as many different flavours or roasts as you would like without having to brew a whole pot.

While the company also sells the My K-cup, which is a reusable K-cup and filter, most people purchase the single-use disposable K-cups. Since these are single use cups, most individuals simply toss the used cups in the trash. However, there are plenty of things you can do with these little cups to make your coffee habit more environmentally friendly.

1. Gardening While K-cups are on the small side as far as cups are concerned, they are perfect for a number of gardening applications, including starting seedlings. They are the perfect size to start growing individual plants, whether you want to grow flowers, vegetables, or fruits, and they do not take up much space.

Other gardening related ways to reuse K-cups include creating a vertical or hanging garden. Punch holes on two or three sides of clean, dry K-cups with a decorative paper punch before filling with soil and planting your seeds. Tie two or more together with string, baker's twine, or even ribbon, and hang where your plants can get plenty of sunlight.

2. Craft Projects and Home Décor You can find tutorials for a wide range of K-cup craft projects online, from making Christmas ornaments and Easter decorations to pincushions and toothpick holders and everything in between. The only limit to what you can do with a K-cup is your imagination. Raid your existing craft supplies or purchase some new ones online to make a K-cup decoration for every holiday. Jazz up your normal holiday lights by cutting slits in the bottom of empty K-cups and sliding them over each bulb in string lights, or bejewel a K-cup or two for the perfect party-ready toothpick holder.

3. Kids' Crafts Kids love craft projects. Employing unconventional materials, including K-cups, is a fun way to allow kids to experiment with different shapes, materials, and textures. The options are virtually endless, so invent a themed craft for your kiddos or toss a couple of empty K-cups in with the rest of their craft supplies and let them strengthen their own imaginations.

You can find kid-friendly K-cup craft ideas online, many of which you may already have the materials for. Turn a K-cup into the petals of a flower by attaching it to cardstock or scrapbook paper and drawing the stem; make holiday snowmen or penguins by painting the K-cups and adding faces and other embellishments; or turn it into a tiny flowerpot for tissue-paper flowers.

4. Make a New K-cup While K-cups are technically single-use cups, you could reuse them with a few extra supplies and your own ground coffee. After using a K-cup, you can recycle the foil top and the filter inside by dropping them into your aluminum and paper recycling bins, respectively. Wash the plastic cup, which cannot be recycled, and add a tiny filter cut from a regular coffee filter. Another option is to use EZ-cup filters, which fit perfectly inside of a K-cup. Once the filter is inside, fill the cup with your favourite coffee grounds, and then use it as you would use a regular K-cup.

5. Entertaining If you use your imagination, you can find plenty of ways to use K-cups while entertaining. Make perfectly sized Jell-O shots for the adults, or make virgin versions for the kids in K-cups. Make your own place card holders using K-cups and filling them with plants, candies, or other items for guests to take home. Elevate centrepiece items or dishes on a buffet by flipping K-cups over and resting the items on top of them. Paint them to match the rest of your party décor or hide them under the tablecloth.

You can also use them for a wide range of items between parties and gatherings. If you have small bits of wine left over after a party, pour it into K-cups, and then freeze. Then, simply toss the frozen wine into any recipe that calls for wine. You can also use this trick to freeze leftover stocks, sauces, and fresh herbs."

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