Get ready to bundle up! The winter season is right around the corner! We know how many people dislike the cold; thankfully, there's one brew that makes the transition from fall to winter easier to deal with: hot chocolate!   

When it comes to hot chocolate (we've also got an assortment of hot cocoas), we've got plenty of varieties to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whether you like your HC to be based on your favourite chocolate treat or prefer one that's has some uncommon ingredients , you're bound to find that perfect brew when you come through our doors. 

For the candy connoisseur, these Junior Mint and Tootsie Roll K-Cups are sure to keep you warm in the weeks to come. Packed with rich decadent mint chocolate and chewy, chocolatey goodness, respectively, these hot cocoas can't be passed up!  

If you're a cocoa fan and you've never never had a brew from Brooklyn Beans, you're missing out on some tasty cocoas! With an impressive lineup, including the cinnamon-spiced Mexican Hot Cocoa, the savoury Peanut Butter Cup, and the marshmallow flavoured Campfire Hot Cocoa, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

We've also got a trio of creamy hot chocolates that deserve to be had! Each one of these drinks has a ton of sweet, superb flavours. Have them as a treat or your first brew of the day!

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