When it comes to taking over the market, Skinnygirl can't be stopped! Reality star Bethenny Frankel, most famous for her role on The Real Housewives of New York, has turned her following into the ever-growing company Skinnygirl. With a diverse line of products (they offer everything from cocktails and nutrition bars to her own line of sparkling waters,) we're showcasing a few new brews from her line of K-Cups! If you haven't tried them yet, make sure you come to Brew Ville and give them a taste! 

Summer might be over, but that doesn't mean you can't sip on a delicious cup of sangria! This tiny K-Cup contains all of those bold wine flavours mixed with a hint of hibiscus, allowing you to have a mini-celebration each time you enjoy this Spanish drink. Like all of the other drinks in the Skinnygirl line, the Sangria Hibiscus is made from natural ingredients and is sure to be the star at your next party! Raise a glass!   

Prefer the refreshing tastes of a mojito? No problem; grab a Mojito Mint brew and enjoy! This capsule takes the classic cocktail and turns it modern, portable drink without sacrificing and flavours. You'll get the same mint and natural lime taste with a hint of green tea, making for a drink that can't be replaced. The Mojito Mint can't send you on a one way vacation to Cuba; instead, the South American drink can bring those same tastes to you with every sip. 

Ever wanted to try a green tea mixed with peaches? It's possible with the Peach Bellini brew! This drink is a fantastic interpretation of the famous Italian cocktail. It offers the perfect balance of sweetness and, like the other K-Cups selected, can be both enjoyed as a hot and cold drink!

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