Winter is almost here! If you're like us, you probably know someone who gets sick around the end of the year. While we've shown you one of our favourite treats for staying healthy during snow season,  we've got a new series of teas that will keep you at your best over the next few months. 

Based out of Nelson, British Columbia, Two Hills Tea is a small but growing company. Their mission? To provide you with a tea that's all natural and delicious, but without the expensive price. Each and everyone of their teas are organic and Non-GMO; they do their best to maintain relationships with every farmer that they work with. Today, we've got 3 loose leaf teas that you need to try today! Each of these teas are bio-active fermented, which assists with detoxification and proper digestion.    

According to their websites, each one of these teas is brewed in a style called heicha, a staple in the diets of many Mongolian and Tibetan people. Whether you end up choosing the Earl Grey, Black Tea, or Spiced Chai loose leaf teas, you're guaranteed to have a tasty brew this season!  

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