Goodbye fall, hello winter! Now that we've experienced our first day of snow and we're just over a month away from Christmas, we thought we'd show you some of our latest seasonal brews! We've picked three coffees, which you'll find down below, from our friends over at Barrie House that need to be tried before the season ends!  

If you're dreaming of a White Christmas, you're in luck thanks to this brew from Barrie House! Their White Christmas coffee contains all of the staples of the season plus some new editions: coconuts and macadamia nuts mixed with the most delicious caramel flavours. Top it off with some bourbon and vanilla and you've got a brew that tastes like Christmas in a cup! 

Do you like chocolate in your marshmallow? What about marshmallow in your chocolate? Regardless, we're confident that you'll love this Chocolate Marshmallow coffee from Barrie House! When you sip on this brew, you'll enjoy the campfire-esque flavours of melty chocolate, crispy graham crackers, and a hint of cinnamon for the ultimate experience. 

Don't worry if you're a decaf lover; we didn't forget about you! You might have seen many Pumpkin Spice brews on the market, but they can't hold a candle to Barrie House's Decaf Pumpkin Spice Pie. Not only do you get a creamy, medium roast thanks to the pumpkins, but you also get a combination of cinnamon, sweet vanilla, and nutmeg that'll have you wishing the season went on forever. 

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