With the summer season in full swing, iced drinks are all the rage these days. Whether you're craving an ice-cold coffee or are in the mood for a refreshing tea, there are few things that beat sipping on a drink with friends while enjoying some fun in the sun. Those iced teas and coffees might look difficult to put together, they're really not that hard if you have the right tools and a recipe to follow. Luckily for you, Brew Ville has the solution.

Most guides out there don't get it. They either make it too complicated or give you a drink that tastes nothing like it should. That's why we've created an easy plan to follow if want to try something new with your everyday brew.



To make an iced tea or iced coffee, you'll need the following:

Your favourite mug or beverage holder
Ice cubes
Water (we'll be using a Keurig for our demonstration)
A coffee or tea K-Cup (you can get away with using tea bags, but we think K-Cups are easier)
Sugar (or your preferred sweetener to taste)

First things first: get you favourite cup and fill it with a bunch of ice. It should be full enough that the ice is touching the brim of the cup. Once you do that, put a K-Cup in your Keurig (we're in love with the Tri Berry Delight from China Mist these days) and get ready for a delicious brew.



Depending on the size of the cup and how you like your drink, you can play around with the amount of water. A good rule of thumb is roughly 4-6 oz. of water per drink. 

After you let your Keurig work its magic, let the drink sit for a short time. This gives a chance for the ice cubes and for the flavours from the K-Cup to mix in. While you wait, throw in some sugar or whatever sweetener you prefer and give it a gentle stir so you're not getting a giant sip of sweetness.


And that's it! If you want to add milk, syrups, or any other flavourings to your new favourite drink, go ahead! If you've got a iced drink recipe to share, let us know on Facebook or Twitter!