While many people love the convenience of K-Cups for their everyday brew, some people refuse to buy them. Their primary concern is the fact that once the cup is used, it can’t be recycled in the same manner as glass and plastic.

Even K-Cup creator John Sylvan has mentioned he regrets creating them because of their environmental impact. There are some solutions in the near future to combat this problem—G-Kup, a Vancouver based company, says their 100% compostable cup will be available in 2016—there are steps you can take right now to reduce the potential coffee carbon footprint while still having your favourite brew.



They say that big doors are swung by small hinges. The same goes for the Eco Fill 2.0 from Perfect Pod and their power to satisfy your need for the perfect drink. These high quality pods allow you to use any coffee you want and are BPA free. They’ve also got a stainless steel filter and can be made with or without an EZ-Cup Disposable Filter.


Do you prefer your drinks Carafe style? No problem! We also carry a similar one that shares the same qualities as the the above pod.

Our favourite part of these pods are how simple they are to use. All you have to do is fill them up with your favourite coffee (we haven’t tried putting loose leaf tea in them, but we’ll experiment and let you know how it goes) and brew it as a regular K-Cup. Although they might look tiny, the Carafe Sized pods can make up to 4 cups of coffee!

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