We all know how special coffee and tea are in our lives. These drinks are the best way to start the day, but they also allow us to unwind when necessary. While we would do anything for a cup of our favourite drink, there are some myths that continue to float around and appear as fact. Today, we’ve listed five common beliefs about tea and coffee that will set the record straight: 


Myth #1: Tea does not expire

Most of the everyday teas we drink don’t last forever, but there are some types that get better with age. Fresh varieties like green tea are best enjoyed sooner rather than later, while others like Pu-erh tea are said to get better with time like fine wines.

What matters most is how the tea was prepared and how you store it. Leaving tea exposed to sunlight will cause it to go bad faster, while storing it in a cool, dry area like your pantry will extend the tea’s shelf life. 




Myth #2: Coffee is a diuretic

Many experts and health practitioners claim that caffeine causes dehydration, but the water in the coffee offsets any diuretic effects. In fact, one study suggests drinking caffeinated beverages during athletic practice won’t alter hydration levels in the body.


 Myth #3: Green tea is the “best” tea for you

While researchers and advertisers have hyped up the benefits of green tea, that doesn’t mean it’s the only one you should be drinking. Green tea is high in antioxidants: molecules that scientists believe increase cardiovascular activity while decreasing the risk of most cancers. What most people don’t know is that white teas contain more antioxidants than green teas, meaning you don’t have to limit your tea consumption to just one type if you’re looking for an easy immunity booster.  

While greens teas do have many benefits, they also have some shortfalls. Some drinkers say green tea slows down iron absorption, while others say they don’t feel good when drinking tea on an empty stomach. Experiment with different teas and discover what kind works best for you.   

Myth #4: Dark roast coffee has more caffeine than light roast

This is a common misconception amongst coffee connoisseurs because dark roast implies a coffee with a bolder flavour. When the coffee beans get roasted and get darker, they lose some of the caffeine.   

 Myth #5:Coffee helps hangovers

Many people credit coffee to getting them back on track after a night of partying because it gives them an extra jolt of energy. It turns out that there is no scientific proof of caffeine increasing sobriety. Getting that booze out of your system requires your liver and some time; your best bet to feel great fast is to drink water and have a light meal to get those essential nutrients and vitamins.


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