While summertime means hot days and cold drinks, two things we absolutely love, there's another reason why this is time of the year: movies!  Getting the family together for a night at the movies has become a tradition for many of us. Whether it's big Hollywood blockbuster or a family flick, summertime movies offer something for everyone's own taste. We've chosen a few brews that remind us of the treats you might have had with that bottomless bag of popcorn at the big screen, as well as some other varieties that are sure to make your next movie going experience exceptional.

First things first...the Junior Mint! It's become the ultimate movie candy for a good reason. Within this K-Cup lies all of those delicious peppermint and dark chocolate flavours you've enjoyed in the past. At only 70 calories and 5 grams of sugar, it's the easiest way to indulge and satisfy that sweet tooth!



 Not a peppermint fan? How about a Tootsie Roll K-Cup? That same sweet chewy candy that never seemed to melt in the summer months can now be enjoyed as a brew! All of you hot cocoa lovers will enjoy the creaminess of these cups. For even more mouth watering flavours, brew this one on the lowest setting and add a spoonful of whipped cream!


But what about the peanut butter purists? Don't worry, we didn't forget about you. Thanks to the fine folks at Brooklyn Bean Roastery, you can now sip on a peanut butter cup mixed with chocolate! We don't know the genius that put these two wonderful foods together, but we can't thank them enough for their discovery.    


What if we told you that Smores, brews and movies are now a reality? (seriously, we'd never lead you astray, especially when it comes to chocolate and toasted marshmallows). The Campfire K-Cup will bring you salvation in the form of creamy hot cocoa mixed with milk chocolate. Catch an outdoor flick while you sip on this delectable brew 


Did those brews get you in the mood for a movie and some sweet treats? If they did, come to Brew Ville and pick up a pack of your favourite K-Cups. And make sure you're keeping up to date with us by following us on Facebook and Twitter for our exclusive contests and giveaways!