We've shown you how to cool off and beat the Edmonton summer heat in the past with our iced drinks and popsicles, but now we've got a new treat that will quench your thirst. When was the last time you've enjoyed a refreshing Italian soda? Sure, you could try one at one of those expensive coffee shops, but why don't you try making one at home? It's an easy way to impress your friends and family. Also, these drinks will be perfect thirst quencher at your next party or barbecue event and can be made in less than a minute.


This recipe is unbelievably simple. Here's what you'll need:

Crushed ice (the amount you'll need depends on how big your cup is)
1 cup (or 8oz) of sparking water—you can also use club soda
2-4 tbsp. (or 1-2 oz) of flavoured Torani syrup (play around with the ratio and experiment to find out how strong you like it)

Step #1: Fill half of your favourite cup with crushed ice

Step #2: Add your Torani syrup and the sparking water/club soda

Step #3: Stir it up and enjoy!


Feeling adventurous? Why don't you try mixing syrups? Vanilla seems to be the universal pairing option, but if you're in a summertime mood, try these combinations out:

Root Beer & Butterscotch
Apple & Pomegranate 
Lime & Cherry
Raspberry & Lime
Watermelon, Passion Fruit & Pomegranate



Want to transform your Italian soda into a cream soda? It's possible! All you have to do is add in 2 tbsp. (or 1 oz) of half-and-half to your Italian soda after it's complete. Once you add it in, give it a good stir and sip this delicious drink!

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