What can we say about Wolfgang Puck that hasn't already been said? Besides being one of the world's most sought-after chefs and inspiring a generation of people to pursue cooking as a career,  he's a dynamo inside and outside of the kitchen. But what you might not know about the Austrian sensation is his love for another field: coffee! Much like the exquisite meals he's been known to prepare, these brews are packed with flavours and based on Wolfgang's personal recipes. 

Today, we've put the spotlight on a few of his brews that you need to try today. These three brews are new to the store, so make sure you pick them up today. There's no telling how long they'll be in stock!


If you like your brews to be bold and full of amazing flavours, wait til you try this first coffee. Wolfgang's Go Bold blend is the perfect drink for those of you who crave a delicious French Roast. Made from 100% Arabica coffee, this fantastic drink has the perfect combination of dark chocolate and an aftertaste of mild fruity flavours. 



Want to enjoy a late-night coffee but still need to get some sleep? It's possible when you drink the  After Dark blend. This decaffeinated Medium Roast is processed using Swiss water, resulting in a light brew that's light ends in a crisp finish. This blend is so good even seasoned caffeine drinkers are switching over to try what Wolfgang has to offer!



But what about something a bit sweeter? No fear, Vanilla French Toast is here! Drinking this brew will take you back to those big Sunday breakfasts with the family. With it's perfect blend of sweet vanilla and cinnamon, the Vanilla French Toast makes for an unforgettable brew that captures one of the best breakfast foods ever made.


Did this post get you in the mood for some Wolfgang Puck brews? Stop by Brew Ville and try them out or grab a box and share it with the family. For more great coffee updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter