As the summer weeks begin to wind down, we look back at all of the fun times we've had over the last few months. Gone are the days when it seemed like the sun would never set and the picnics, parades, and pool parties were endless. While we watch the leaves begin to turn into their eventual shades of red, yellow and brown, we remind ourselves that fall is full of great opportunities. To commemorate the upcoming transition of the seasons, we've picked a handful of evergreen brews from Sollo that are refreshing and new to the store. Once you try one of these delicious teas, it'll be hard to go back to your regular brew!


There's a reason why many people around the world start their day off with an English Breakfast. Whether you're complementing the tea with a hearty, home-cooked meal during Sunday morning or just want to experience the bold flavours associated with this world famous brew, Sollo's take on this classic staple makes every morning that much better.


In the mood for a brew that's a bit more exotic? You'll love the Maharaja Chai Tea. Made from black tea leaves and a handful of herbs and spices from India, this tea takes things to the next level. For fans of rich, robust flavours packed with all kinds of amazing tastes, this brew might just take the top spot as your go-to drink.


Earl Grey might not be the tea you'll go out of your way to try, but all bets are off once you have Sollo's take on this classic brew. Made using black tea and a fragrant fruit called bergamot—that's where its signature flavour comes come—this tea As an interesting tidbit, drinking Earl Grey tea has been linked to decreased stress, lower levels of heart disease and colds, and a boost in energy. Simply put, drinking this tea will turn you into a superhero.


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