Do you know everything there is to know about your brew? If you're just as passionate about coffee and tea as we are, you'll love this post. These drinks have a special place not only in our lives, but in history as well. We've picked a handful of our favourite facts to share with you today. Grab a brew and enjoy these interesting coffee and tea tidbits!


On July 17th, 2014, Caffe Bene, a coffeehouse chain in South Korea, broke the record for the largest cup of coffee in the world. At 14,288.1 litres, it might be enough to get you out of bed on Monday morning.  


John Sylvan, one of the founders of Keurig, actually suffered from caffeine poisoning during the company's early days. According to this article on, Sylvan was drinking around 30 to 40 cups each day! 

Besides giving you a big boost of energy, coffee is also linked to improved memory function, increase your metabolic rate, and a decreased risk of Type II diabetes and dementia.

What country drinks the most coffee per capita? If you said The Netherlands, you'd be right! They drink nearly 2 and a half cups per person each day!


Did you know that Tieguanyin is most expensive tea in the world? The leaves from this Chinese tea can be brewed 7 times before they begin to lose flavour. The cost? A mere $3,000 per kg.  

Most people drink coffee for the amazing taste, but according to new research out of Seoul National University, the smell of coffee can turn on different parts of the brain!

Ever wonder how an Americano coffee came to be? Although it's unconfirmed, most coffee aficionados believe the term comes from WWII. American soldiers would order an espresso; because it was stronger than drip coffee, they'd dilute it with water.  


Hawaii is the only state that produces coffee!

The University of Cambridge created the first webcam and used it to let viewers know whether or not a coffee pot was full.   

Ever thought about fuelling you car with coffee? While it might sound like a long shot, researchers are experimenting with converting coffee into biodiesel.


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