Although we have no idea where summer went, we're ready to embrace September and everything the month brings along with open arms.  Besides the change of weather and the back to school rush, there's one aspect of September that we can't get enough of: pumpkins!

While these giant orange plants are commonly used for soups, breads and desserts, they can also be enjoyed as a brew! They're nutritious, delicious, and if you're addicted to them like we are, become the best way to celebrate the season. But you don't have to go to one of those expensive coffee shops and spend a ton of cash in order to get your fix. Today, we've picked a few options that you need to check out! The only way you could make these brews better is adding a huge scoop of whipped cream and some cinnamon!

If you need a little pumpkin-related motivation to get out of bed, this Pumpkin Pie K-Cup from Martinson will be your best friend. It's a delectable light-roast brew that contains the perfect mix of pumpkin and spice and is the best way to start the day.



If you're a Zavida fan, you'll love this next pick. This Pumpkin Spice brew tastes just like a pumpkin pie with a generous amount of nutmeg and cinnamon added, but in liquid form. It works as a morning brew, or anytime you need a pumpkin pick-me-up!


If you've found your favourite brew but want to add some pumpkin flavours to it, you're in luck! Whether you're in the mood for a little pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice, you can't go wrong with either one of these Torani syrups. For those looking to cut back on their sugar intake, Torani also has a sugar-free Pumpkin Pie syrup that's just as delicious as the regular one. If you'd like to switch things up with your brew, Torani has a list of recipes on their website that are worth checking out. 


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