If you haven't heard of Club Coffee, you're missing out on some amazing brews! This Ontario-based company is a major player in the coffee industry; they've been supplying delicious drinks for over 100 years! Today, we thought we'd choose a few single serve brews that we can't get enough of.  Because these single-serve pods are individually wrapped, they're simple to take with you. Grab a bunch, put them in your bag, and enjoy them at work (if you want everyone at work to like you, bring a few for them! There's no way they'll say no!)


Would you care for some caramel to start the day off right? If so, you'll love the Caramel Twist coffee. This brew works as both a motivator to get out of bed and as a celebratory sweet treat. It's packed with delectable caramel favours and is fit for every coffee fan out there. 


This next brew is guaranteed to be a favourite for the chocolate lover in your life. We all know how tasty chocolate truffles are, but have you ever wondered what they'd taste like as a coffee? Thanks to this Club Coffee Chocolate Truffle brew, you can now experience all of the mouth watering flavours that come with this rare treat. 


If you like your brews with a little bit of hazelnut? Once again, Club Coffee has you covered. It's smooth, mild taste is perfect for those who are infrequent coffee drinkers (how can people live without drinking coffee?) Like all of the coffees featured here, the Hazelnut Cream is made up of 100% Arabica beans and makes for a brew that can't be beat.


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