With over 750 different flavours on the wall at Brew Ville, you can be sure to find a whole bouquet of herbal teas alongside our coffee-based selections. We love options; playing around in the kitchen to create custom blends and thinking outside the cup for the next best marriage of flavours.

Recently, we received a brand new Torani syrup, which has quickly proven to be an amazing addition to some of our favourite teas in the collection. Today we're sharing our top three newest Brew Ville custom blends starring the newest kid on the block - LAVENDER! 

Find your flavour with these lavender-infused teas

Prospect Graffiti Burst Decaffeinated Pomegranate Infused White Tea

With a name like that you better believe it tastes as good as it sounds! This delicious blend couples the antioxidant benefits of mild white tea with the vitamin rich, fruity taste of pomegranate. Because this tea is already bursting with flavour, we kept the lavender syrup on the lighter side and let the juiciness of the pomegranate shine through.

Cafejo White Lavender Tea

This subtle single serve gives just a hint of lavender amongst the bouquet of the white tea, something we were excited to play off of with the Torani lavender enhancement! Lavender lovers, this one's for you. 

Higgins & Burke Lush Berry Loose Leaf Tea

This aromatic tea from Higgins & Burke boasts an all-star line up of herbs and berries. We love this refreshing blend of hibiscus, orange peel, rosehips, apple, chicory, licorice root, strawberry and cranberry. With all of that juicy flavour going on, we tried this one over ice with a half spoon of Torani lavender and it brought forth the most beautiful bouquet.    

We hope you enjoy finding your flavour as much as we love sharing ours. The possibilities are as great as your imagination. Be sure to stay in touch through FacebookTwitter to receive the latest updates! 

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