We love when new flavours arrive at Brew Ville!

Edmonton's Number One Stop for Single Serve Beverages

At Brew Ville, our flavour collection is always on the rise. With over 750 single serve flavours to choose from, there really is something for everyone! We are a huge fan of flavoured cappuccino beverages that include a sweet burst of flavour paired with the robust aroma of coffee. Richly satisfying, creamy and delicious, these single-serve options are among our flavour favourites. 

The latest flavours from Indulgio at Brew Ville 

Today we're highlighting 3 new flavours from Indulgio, the classic Italian coffeehouse-inspired brand on the Brew Ville shelves. Now you can enjoy English Toffee, Chocolate Almond and White Chocolate Caramel in 12 packs or as part of our mix-and-match wall! Indulge in Indulgio. 

We hope you enjoy finding your flavour as much as we love sharing ours. Let us share our favourites with you next time you're in - there's so many to try! Be sure to stay in touch through Facebook & Twitter to receive the latest updates!