September Routine Calls For More Caffeine 

September has arrived, bringing with it the grind. School and work fill up the schedule and colder temperatures remind us what is on the way. The summer season isn't quite over on the calendar, but the routine that falls in with fall is definitely present. 

With earlier, chillier mornings, we need an extra boost to get started. Today we're sharing our favourite coffees with a kick - the strong stuff we need to get back to the grind.

Da Bomb by Java Factory Roasters

This coffee comes with a warning label! Exploding with flavour and double the caffeine of regular coffee, this extra bold brew will leave you buzzing. Unless you plan on pulling an all-nighter, 
this brew is best for your morning rush.

edmonton coffee

The Red Eye by The Jetsetter Coffee Co

This brew packs the kinda punch the name suggests - feeling jet lagged from life? This is the cup you want to wake up to.

edmonton coffee

Turbo Caffeine by Coffee People

Coffee People's Turbo Caffeine coffee is a full-bodied XX bold coffee that packs a punch. You know they mean business when "turbo" is in the name! 

edmonton coffee

Coffee makes mornings worth getting started, especially when it packs an extra punch like these three flavours! Let us help you stock up on the best options next time you're in and be sure to stay in touch through Facebook & Twitter to receive the latest updates!