Seattle loves coffee. We love coffee. 

Did we just become best friends?

Ahhh Seattle, the birthplace and headquarters of Starbucks and home to a deeply engrained coffee culture. It’s no secret that Seattle people love their coffee... we love it too! And isn't it true that coffee tastes better with a friend?


We've recently invited Sip of Seattle into the Brew Ville collection, stocking 5 flavours from these friends across the border. You can find Mountain Blend Dark Roast, Urban Lumberjack House Blend, Big Foot French Roast, Sunrise Breakfast Blend and Smooth Operator French Vanilla in singles and 24 packs at Brew Ville on your next visit. 

Let us show you to the Sip of Seattle section next time you're in and be sure to stay in touch through Facebook & Twitter to receive the latest updates!