We know having over 400 options of k-cup brands, flavours, and varieties to choose from can be a tad overwhelming for our customers. That is why every Friday Brew Ville does what we like to call a "Flavour Friday." On each Flavour Friday, Brew Ville highlights one flavour from the store and gives our customers 10% off for that Friday only. With this offer, customers can come in every Friday and try something they haven't tried before and find their new favourite flavour! We hope that this will make it a whole lot easier for someone to choose from our amazingly large selection of single-serve coffee pods :)

Check out some Flavour Fridays we have done in the past:

Hot Fudge Brownie!
Smooth Caffeinator!

So look up the facebook page HERE every Friday to find out what new and exciting flavours we will have in-store for you at a discounted price!