Chimes started their ginger chew company in 2003 with just three flavours: original, peanut butter and peppermint. They were in pursuit of a delicious, yet healthy, specialty candy and boy, did they find it! After their customers were so blown away by the first three flavours, they demanded more! And so they got more, with two extra flavours: mango and orange. Thus, behold the five flavours of of Chimes Ginger Chews in all their glory:

Here are some commonly held beliefs about the health benefits of ginger:

Aids Women’s Wellness: a. During morning sickness b. During menstrual cramps c. During hot flashes

Fights Symptoms Of: a. Motion sickness, vertigo, nausea b. Colds and flu c. Headaches and migraines d. Allergies and sinus problems

FPO Promotes Digestive Health: a. Facilitates detoxification b. Stimulates enzyme growth c. Fights indigestion

Enhances Overall Health: a. Supports immune system b. Promotes blood circulation c. Eases inflammation and pain

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