K-cups and single-serve coffees just keep streaming into our store like there's no tomorrow. Our most recent addition to our over 500 K-CUP stock list have been selling like the hot commodity that they are! They are The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf four pack, which includes a light roast, medium roast, medium flavoured roast and a dark roast. The Cafe '63 is our light roast, which embodies a smooth, light-bodied taste with fruity aroma.

The Vienese Blend is known for being a deep brown, medium dark roast. It has a mellow, smooth finish with delicately nuanced with hints of chocolate.

The Costa Rica comes from the finest high-altitude farms, where the unique climate and rich soils produce a bright, clean taste.

The Amaretto has been an extremely popular choice in this four pack. It is rich and fragrant with almond and a creamy liqueur flavor. Sadly, there is no alcohol in it :(, but that shouldn't stop anyone from trying it... or trying to add liquor to it.

Don't hesitate to try this brand, because they're going fast!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf four pack

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf four pack